Earth Genasi

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Much of the information on these pages are reproduced with permission from the Planewalker Planescape 3.0/3.5 Campaign Setting. Please visit their homepage for more information. See the Credits page.

Earth Gensai

Bound by blood to the earth, the stone princes hail from the union of humans and dao from the Elemental Plane of Earth, and are ever bit as sturdy and stubborn as its natural residents. Abandoned by their genie ancestors, they live among humans never forgetting their unique connection to the fundamental elements of the planes. Though ponderous and slow to act, they can be as terrible as the quaking ground when brought to anger.

Personality: Earth genasi are slow and meticulous by nature. Never rushed when an important decision must be made, they try to consider any problem from all angles and carefully weigh the possible consequences of their actions. Earth genasi tend to be quiet individuals willing to listen thoroughly to those around them, though always with the certainty that their way is the right way. Though patient, they are often closed-minded to new ideas, seeing change as a waste of energy when they are content with the status quo. Slow to anger, and even slower to forget a slight, earth genasi make reliable friends and lasting enemies.

Physical Description: Resembling solidly built humans, earth genasi are commonly mistaken for dwarves — or sometimes boulders. Some have rough skin that resembles a handful of dirt and rock, while others have skin as smooth as marble or granite with a metallic sheen to it. Their eyes may be like gemstones, or bottomless black pits. Earth genasi have a naturally thick frame and strong muscles, though their short frame and skin color often causes them to blend into their surroundings.

Relations: Though just as arrogant as other genasi, earth genasi are patient and quiet, masking their contempt for other races. Many are sedentary and like to stay near the place of their birth, while others are always moving seeking out precious treasures of the earth in the form of gems or precious metals. Often as not, earth genasi are solitary individuals and few have the inclination to wait around on them, which is just as well for the earth genasi as they don’t like being bothered to move at an unreasonable pace. Still they are loyal to their companions to the end, and are not ones to let small qualms or differences get between them and their friends. They are also widely regarded as the finest smiths, with many rivaling or even surpassing dwarves in their ability to craft stone and metal.

Alignment: Earth genasi seek a balance in their actions and thus tend to be neutral, though they have a predisposition towards the thorough, linear nature of law. They have little capacity to understand, let alone, embrace the ever-changing freedom of chaos, and are normally apathetic to moral dilemmas that do not concern them.

Earth Genasi Lands: An earth genasi feels at home whenever his feet touch the ground. Their elemental ancestors have no interest in flesh creatures, so they mostly live among their human kin. As a race, they have no lands of their own, but often found deep within mountains, canyons, and near natural rock formations across the planes.

Belief: Many earth genasi revere the earth with what some would consider religious fervor, though few are actually priests. It is not in their nature to change their beliefs easily, and they can be extremely devoted to their ideals, even when presented with flaws in their logic. They are too independent to see much need for faction membership, though a small number join the Fraternity of Order for its stability.

Language: Earth genasi speak Planar Trade and the majority of them have Terran as a second language.

Names: Earth genasi take the name given by their human parents, which varies based on their homeland but often hints back to their unique physical features.

Adventurers: If an earth genasi puts his mind to accomplishing something, few are strong enough to stop them. Those stone princes who collect the hidden treasures of the earth like precious stones and metals will travel far and wide in search of them. Very rarely an earth genasi might reject its elemental heritage out of distaste for being abandoned so quickly by its sire (a rash act in their eyes), and choose to focus on protecting their fragile human kin above all else. These earth genasi may take up adventuring to promote the freedom and stability of other creatures.

Roleplaying an Earth Genasi: You are a being of earth, the greatest of all elements, yet no one understands you or recognizes your true worth. It’s not their fault, and you are patient enough not to hold it against them. Nor will you let their failings stand in your path. They call you stubborn, and you gladly live up to the title. After all, a being with your lineage has a destiny; it’s your duty to ensure that your name is engraved in the records of history.

Earth Genasi

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