Fire Genasi

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Much of the information on these pages are reproduced with permission from the Planewalker Planescape 3.0/3.5 Campaign Setting. Please visit their homepage for more information. See the Credits page.

Fire Genasi

Descendants of efreet or fire spirits from the Elemental Plane of Fire, the flame lords are fierytempered beings of quick action. While most fire genasi are killed outright by their nonhuman parent, a few manage to escape with the mortal parent to human lands. There the fire genasi learns to be feared, perceived as a personification of fire’s destructive power. Though not innately evil, as many believe, they are the most arrogant and selfish of the genasi, believing that the flames that run in their veins make them greater compared to other mortals. Personality: Fire genasi generally like to be at the center of things, quick to take up causes of glory and fame, but also becoming bored easily if things get difficult or drawn out. They begin far more endeavors than they finish, though most would refuse to admit this as a failing. They are high-strung and full of energy, jumping at the chance to try something new and exciting while remaining elitists at heart. The flame lords typically try to push the extremes of social trends rather than follow them, seeing it as fitting that others would fall short of their capability. Befitting the nature of fire, they are wasteful and excessive, lacking both tact and consideration for others. The multiverse is their playground, and they don’t mind if a few of their toys get burnt in their fun.

Physical Description: Hair like summer heat waves and eyes that glow with the intensity of flames, fire genasi have an exceptional ability to stand out no matter where they are. Most have skin that is deep red or charcoal color, which is sometimes hot enough to burn those who touch it. Some even have a voice that sounds like crackling flames, giving them almost a fiendish quality to their words. While outer appearances are very important to them, they prefer simple and elegant clothing in colors of black and red, fashioned to the latest styles of their culture.

Relations: Most races have an inbred fear of fire, and this distrust carries over to the flame lords. As a result, fire genasi become accustomed to accepting the paranoia of others and eventually reinforce it. Their hot tempers make dealing with them a matter of caution and few are willing to put up with their spoiled and elitist attitudes. Even those who might find themselves in the good graces of a flame lord may be dismissed shortly thereafter when something else catches the genasi’s eye. Though it could easily be reasoned that they share common ground with other planetouched, they consider relating their existence to that of other races an insult to their innate superiority.

Alignment: Fire genasi are typically apathetic to moral or ethical decisions, basing their actions on their mood at the time. As a result most are true neutral or chaotic neutral, though sometimes their love for destruction leads them to the path of evil.

Fire Genasi Lands: Fire genasi are only completely tolerated in the towns where they were first raised, protected by their human parents from the hatred of others. Once mature, fire genasi normally choose to leave their homes forever in search of new thrills.
Belief: Not many of the flame lords hold strong beliefs or convictions, but those who do choose deities and factions that promote change, independence, and destruction. The Doomguard and Xaositects have their share of fire genasi among them, while the Revolutionary League and Transcendent Order may be attractive to them for a time as well. Overall few fire genasi have the dedication or interest to stand behind any organization or philosophy for long. Those who do may be the most fanatical of their kind.

Language: Fire Genasi speak the languages of the land of their birth and almost all have Ignanas a second language, considering it a higher form of speech.

Names: Fire genasi are often given names by their mortal parent that fit their elemental heritage.

Adventurers: Fire genasi readily take up arms for whatever suits their fancy at the time, especially if it involves fame and fortune. Because of the amount of fear human communities have for them, fire genasi often roam the planes for extended periods, enjoying the excitement and danger offered by adventuring. Their impatience and willingness to act first and think later leads them into dangerous situations, guaranteeing that any journey with a flame lord will be an interesting experience.

Roleplaying a Fire Genasi: The blood in your veins burns, driving you to try the impossible and rise above the mundane creatures around you. You give neither mercy nor compassion to others; it is more than enough that you acknowledge these weaklings, let alone view them as equals. Never hesitate or sit idle. Never allow yourself to be portrayed as weak or dependent. Mortals fear you and they should continue to do so. Allow no insult to go unpunished, for it is your responsibility to ensure others never forget who the superior race is.

Fire Genasi

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