The Sigil Calender

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Much of the information on these pages are reproduced with permission from the Planewalker Planescape 3.0/3.5 Campaign Setting. Please visit their homepage for more information. See the Credits page.

Credit to Ambrus on the Planewalker website for most of this information. The calender has been slightly simplified for convenience sake.

Telling the Date in Sigil

Most cutters in Sigil could care less about figuring out the “date”; keeping track of the years are hard enough work (and something that only the Guvners really seem to care about anyway). Still, there has been attempts to bring some sort of working calender into Sigil, this being the latest.

Figuring out the year is (relatively) simple; the year is based off of the current Factol of the Fraternity of Order. Six years ago after the events of the Faction War, a new Factol emerged, named Jamis. Thus, the current year is known as the “6th Year of Factol Jamis’s Reign”.

The current “official” Sigil calender (as usual, designed by the Guvners) works off of a 365 day calender. Each month is named after one of the 17 outer planes, and is exactly 21 “days” (or three weeks) long. Eight holidays, named after some of the inner planes, are held in between certain months. The Calender is roughly as follows:

Balance (The Outlands)
Holiday: Astrum (Astral)
Order (Mechanus)
Concordance (Arcadia)
Holiday: Aqua (Water)
Exaltation (Mount Celestia)
Perseverance (Bytopia)
Holiday: Vita (Positive Energy)
Serenity (Elysium)
Savagery (The Beastlands)
Holiday: Aer (Air)
Passion (Arborea)
Valiance (Ysgard)
Holiday: Aether (Ethereal)
Chaos (Limbo)
Delirium (Pandemonium)
Holiday: Ignis (Fire)
Depravity (Abyss)
Constraint (Carceri)
Holiday: Mortis (Negative Energy)
Despair (The Gray Waste)
Selfishness (Gehenna)
Holiday: Terra (Earth)
Dominance (Baator)
Conflict (Acheron)

The Sigil Calender

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