Tikk Fastheart

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Much of the information on these pages are reproduced with permission from the Planewalker Planescape 3.0/3.5 Campaign Setting. Please visit their homepage for more information. See the Credits page.

Tikk Fastheart (Free League)

“A story in hand is worth two jink in the bush.”

Tikk runs a small publishing company in Little Bytopia in the Lower Ward. She’s a tough old broad who is very strict about deadlines, and can constantly be found puffing (at least one) cigarette. While her publishing company is modest in size, Tikk is constantly experimenting with new authors, although many fail to meet her standards.

Her smoking habit is so well known, that some in the Little Bytopia have taken to calling the days when the air gets really bad “Deadline Days”.

Tikk can be sweet, but she’s clear with all her clients that she’s not out to tell their stories, she’s out to make some jink. They can help her by writing good stories she can publish, but she doesn’t want to hear any excuses about why your story is going to be late. She’s got a magazine to run, and it won’t run on empty promises. She expects a buffer of stories for those who write for her new magazine for young adults, “Adventure Time!”, so she has plenty of time to edit and fill holes, but most of her regular contributors have fallen behind, much to the dismay of her staff’s eardrums.

Tikk keeps a good amount of company, but even her closest friends are careful to keep their dark around her. Tikk is a well-known gossip junkie, and more than one gnome has been publicly embarrassed when word of marital problems or stories of their kids coming home dyed blue head to toe have leaked.

Tikk Fastheart

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