To Chance with Hell (Planescape)

Session 9: Sassy Laser Cows

In which our heroes travel to Mechanus, are dreadfully bored by all the bureacracy, meet sassy laser cows, and save some analogy to Christmas

And now for something completely different…

5th of Valiance, 6th Year of Factol Jamis’s Reign

Santher wants a crossbow, and guilts everyone (save for Crown Guard, who is still busy helping prepare a legal defense for Haster Mensen) into coming with him.

Those successfully guilted are:

Soliloquy, who is wishing for a new cloak.
Santher, who is wishing for a new crossbow.
Captain Lu, who is wishing for a new drink.
Jasseira, who is wishing she wasn’t in Mechanus.

In short, it was ridiculous. There were papers to fill out. Mechanical bovines which sassed the party. An insidious attempt to bring the Para-Elemental Plane of Ice to Mechanus, and a Modron analogue for Santa Claus.

I don’t even want to talk about it.