Character Wealth

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Much of the information on these pages are reproduced with permission from the Planewalker Planescape 3.0/3.5 Campaign Setting. Please visit their homepage for more information. See the Credits page.

Inherent Bonuses

This game will use the “inherent bonuses” option in the DMG2 and Dark Sun books. Essentially, players will “gain” an enchantment bonus as they level up. This enhancement bonus does not stack with magic weapons/armor/neck pieces. The highest bonus applies.

Additionally, characters will treat their prime stat (based on their class) as a particular value as they gain levels, for the purposes of their “to hit” bonus. If a player has a higher ability score, it applies instead.

Inherent bonuses


This campaign uses a somewhat unique wealth system in order to attempt to “fix” the D&D 4e economy. Rather than a wealth system that exponentially makes wealth worthless (save for the creation of new magical items), this system attempts to make hands on “gold” mean something for a character.

Planescape wealth

Quest Value

The “quest” value would work as the primary way of obtaining specific magical items, and would be obtained from leveling up. Players may, once a level, spend amount of this “quest” experience (equal to the value of a particular level of magical item) before undertaking a quest as if purchasing a magical item, ensuring that a magic item for them appears in the adventure. This item represents the result of your adventuring. If a player no longer wants it, they may sell it at an appropriate location for 20% of it’s worth in gold and 20% of it’s worth back in Quest Value, or donate it to a faction for 50% of it’s worth in favours, along with receiving 20% of it’s worth back in Quest value. Item depending, upgrades may be purchasable with quest value (although a quest will still need to be undertaken).

If the player asks for a specific item, they will “spend” the items worth in “quest” value, and in most circumstances undertake a specific quest to obtain said item. If players do not specify a specific item, I will secretly roll 1d4 and pick an item for that character, that they will obtain upon completion of a quest that is currently under way. Items that were randomly picked by me, the DM (with the +1d4 level bonus) are treated as being worth whatever quest value was spent to obtain the item, NOT the amount the item is actual worth. The item given may be slightly skewed towards the character’s faction, and while random, will be something the character would want to use (i.e. a Paladin won’t get scale armor, and a polearm focused fighter won’t get an axe or sword).

For example, Brad wants to obtain a Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Acquiring them requires Brad to obtain a somewhat uncommon metal found in the Elemental Plane of Earth, and then defeat an Ogre in an Arm-wresting match while wearing the bracers. He spends 1000 quest value points (the value of a level 5 item), and (alone or with the party) sets off on his quest. Meanwhile, George wants a new item for his Wizard, and spends 1000 quest points (the value of a level 5 item). I secretly roll a d4 (getting +2) and choose a level 7 item I think his Wizard might find cool, and give him a Phrenic Crown as part of the reward for finishing a quest that the party is tackling.

Quest Value is automatically gained upon leveling. Enough is given such that players will be able to “purchase” an item of their level, roughly every second level. The “difficulty” of the quest involved will be tied to the level of an item; hoarding points to purchase an item that can end up being your level + 4 (or higher) might result in a quest that is too difficult for you to do until your character gains some more experience!

Faction Value

Your faction will confer powers that represent the philosophy of your faction. These powers are usually represented by “magical” items, albeit you do not “equip” them. Players are limited to THREE faction powers at any one time, and may change/upgrade them every time they level. Players receive a static total that increases as they level, which represents a “pool” that they can spend on specific powers.

For example, the Athar faction represent characters who believe that the “gods” as they are known are frauds; a TRUE god would not desire to be worshiped. They fight an uphill battle trying to convince the population that they are being used, while being persecuted by many religions for their belief. The Athar therefore must rely on a healthy dose of secrecy to get their message out to the public. The following represent powers that might be suitable to apply to an Athar (albeit re-fluffed):

Level 1 (360g) Headband of Perception, Ioun’s Parchment
Level 2 (520g) Bracers of Enforced Regret, Door of Alarm
Level 3 (680g) Circlet of Second Chances, Closed Mind
Level 4 (840g) Cloak of Distortion +1, Flickers of Faith
Level 5 (1000g)Cold Iron Shield, Lamp of Discerning
Level 6 (1800g)Bracers of Mental Might, Mind of Two Moons

At level 3, Justin would have 750g of “faction” value to spend. He may choose to obtain either two level 1 “powers”, or either a level “2” or “3” power. Any excess gold can be spent on supplies (such as potions of healing, certain alchemical ingredients, etc.) or be “donated” to the faction to receive favours from it at a future time (note: value donated this way is “doubled” for the purposes of future favours). Justin chooses to obtain the effect of a Circlet of Second Chances (680g), and an Elixir of Aptitude (50g), putting the remaining 20g back into the faction for help later (doubled, so + 40g worth of favour).

Faction value is automatically increased upon level up.

At level 4, Justin’s amount of “faction” value becomes 1250g total. He may continue to get the bonus from a Circlet of Second Chances, and have 570g left to spend on other abilities (such as a level 1 or 2 bonus), or he may switch his level 3 bonus for a “Cold Iron Shield” bonus, and instead spend the remaining 250g on other goods or reputation.

Expected Wealth

This is a catch-all. It might represent gold or other treasure, it might represent some sort of faction value. This value could be spent somewhat normally, within limits. Note that day-to-day expenses would likely come out of here as well.

Faction values could be potentially spent to help on quests, but also potentially to gain new rituals, services, etc that are appropriate ones for the faction in question. There is expected to be a certain amount of sharing here between PCs, and two PCs may potentially combine their respective “worth” with a faction together for a single favour.

Character Wealth

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