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Much of the information on these pages are reproduced with permission from the Planewalker Planescape 3.0/3.5 Campaign Setting. Please visit their homepage for more information. See the Credits page.

Cyan (Free League)

Cyan small

“I don’t pay you for complaints, I pay you for results!”

Cyan is a nycaloth, formerly of Gehenna. Like most nycaloths, he looks vaguely like a four-armed gargoyle, but is missing the large leathery wings of most nycaloths. Rumour has it that he lost them as a mercenary in the Blood War, although Cyan has never publicly confirmed this.

Like most nycaloths, Cyan smells of ash, although he doesn’t seem to smoke. He wears fairly fashionable garments (modified to accommodate his extra set of arms), and although he looks a little bit ridiculous, he is still seen as a powerful evil outsider… so no one has made fun of his look to his face yet. He walks with a cane, and a slight limp can be noticed.

Cyan is a relative newcomer to Sigil, but almost immediately he began petitioning the Sigil council to allow him to start a new guild dedicated to adventuring in the Outer Planes. There were several prior to the end of the Faction War, but all of them ended up disbanded in its wake when many of the factions left the city, fearing the Lady. The Sigil Council was reluctant to once again allow a new adventuring guild, believing that having a centre for highly trained mercenaries, many of whom might make (and bring) trouble on the planes would be objectionable to the Lady. However, Cyan argued that the “success” of the Minder’s Guild and Sons of Mercy were proof that as long as his members cleaned up their own mess, the Lady would tolerate their presence. Rhys of the Transcendent Order agreed, and thus the creation of the Planesbuster’s Guild was established. The only terms that Cyan was forced to agree upon was that any employees (and their subsequent job contracts) be overseen by the Fraternity of Order, as many distrusted his motives.

Despite his heritage, Cyan does not seem to be an overly cruel individual (but of course, he doesn’t seem like an overly nice one either). To most individuals, he seems perpetually in a foul mood, but he treats his small staff and employees with respect. It’s obvious that he still has a greedy side to him, but that’s perhaps why he fell in with the Free League. He expects a certain amount of professionalism from his employees, but as long as they keep the jink flowing into his pockets such criticism are usually rare.


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