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Much of the information on these pages are reproduced with permission from the Planewalker Planescape 3.0/3.5 Campaign Setting. Please visit their homepage for more information. See the Credits page.


Clueless often ask a lot of dumb questions of what Sigil is when they first come here. Those berks are asking the wrong questions! Better to ask what Sigil ain’t. So here is the chant on the City of Doors:

  • The Birdcage ain’t the centre of the universe. How could it be? The planes are infinite! It is merely a place. T’aint closer to the centre of the universe than my breakfast is.
  • There ain’t no way to get into the city, ‘cept through a portal. You can’t climb in, you can’t climb out. Even though you can see it at the base of the Spire, it’s an infinite distance away. Some say berks who toss themselves off the city simply fall forever, never to meet the ground.
  • The Queen o’ Blades ain’t your friend. She doesn’t run the city — not in the traditional sense at least — heck, don’t even think about ‘er! Oh drat, now you got me a shiverin’…
  • The factions ain’t the powers in Sigil. Well, not officially. Sure they’re still around, but they’re keeping it quiet thanks to Her Serenity. The guild’s are the closest thing to powers here… different name perhaps, but less fightin’.
  • This ain’t a place to kick yer shoes off and relax in. You want to relax, go jump in a portal to some clueless world. Sigil is a place of equal parts opportunity and danger. Those that sit on their laurels quickly find their jink being carted off in one direction, and their corpse in another.

Well, I guess I can tell you a bit about what Sigil is…

Sigil is comprised of six Wards, as well as UnderSigil:

  • The Lady’s Ward: Home to the rich and powerful. Home to the Nobles District, the Palace of the Jester, the Armory District, the Triad District, the City Courts, and the City Barracks.
  • The Clerk’s Ward: Where much of the bureaucracy lies. Home to the Administrator’s District, the Worker’s District, the Sandstone District, the Festhall District, and Little Arcadia.
  • The Guildhall Ward: The once and future place of power in Sigil. Home to the Gymnasium District, The Forest, Ghundarhavel, Curly-Top, and Git’Riban.
  • The Market Ward: The place to buy, sell, or bargain. Home to Copperman Way, the Grand Bazaar, and the Warehouse District.
  • The Lower Ward: Once the home of the majority of the Primes. Home to the Great Foundry District, the Shattered Temple District, the Garianis District, Little Bytopia, Gurincraag, Hellgate, and Gear Street.
  • The Hive: The slums of Sigil. Home to the Slags, the Marble District, the Mortuary, the Gray District, Darkwell Court, Khaasta Row, the Ditch, the Madhouse District, Giant’s District, New Tyr, the Chaos District, Goatswood, the Lotus Blossom District, and the Ooze Portals.
  • UnderSigil: The network of passages under the Cage.

And ‘cause I’m in a generous mood t’day, here’s the chant on getting around in Sigil:

Getting around Sigil
Key Players in Sigil
Guilds and Orders of Sigil
The Sigil Calender
Known Portals in Sigil


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